Jimmy Fallon REUNITES Saved By The Bell Cast!!!!

Saved By The Bell Was BACK!!!

It brought back so many memories and boy was it exciting and funny! Just Watch!!!


Katy Perry Superbowl Halftime Review!


Everybody knows the highlight of the Superbowl is the Halftime show. From the Press Conference on up to show time, we were all anticipating the hugest event in American Football. The Pepsi  NFL Superbowl Halftime show starring Katy Perry had everyone buzzing since the announcement.

Katy Perry at the Press Conference and she is serving it up Katy style.

Katy’s Pepsi Commercial!!!!

Katy’s Super Bowl Halftime Press Conference!!!

Really loved how Katy came in and totally took control and slayed the conference. Yes, she owned her spot and I love her for it! Congrats Ms. Perry and again, GREAT SHOW!

Katy Perry performed the Halftime Show and I must say she did a great job. Though she pulled out all the stops bringing in Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot I have to say the visual effects staging was a smash hit. The highlight for me was Roar, Dark Horse, California Girls and Firework as far as Ms. Perry’s performance. Want to revisit? Well say no more!

Patriots WIN The SuperBowl But The Memes Were Hilarious!


Congratulations the the New England Patriots for the winning the Superbowl! Yes the Patriots gave Seahawks fans a reason to be blue today. But the highlight for me wasn’t the Commercials but more of the halftime showand the MEMES that followed let’s get started shall we?

Sorry guys but I couldn’t resist after seeing these! They were so funny!!! Great job and again great game!!!