Selfie? Who Is She?

Selfless Expression?!?

   What? Yes, I know many of you are going to look it up and ask yourself or maybe ask me why? What’s a Selfless Expression? Well I don’t know how you define it but the definition is simple and concrete.  A  Selfless Expression is what I really am. It means  that I’m not selfish and I’m open to expressing myself freely and fully.  I am humorous but I know when to get serious. One trait that many tell me they like about me is that I’m open to different opinions and ideas and I have a truly unique way of expressing myself. When I started this blog, it was originally  all about fun, laughs, and  from time to time just showing off my silly side. Just my very own personal oasis to become as silly as I wanted to. My outlet for venting or just making hilarious parodies from time to time. After going through editing and many revisions  and many times  laughing at some of my older posts; I felt that if I was going to make this blog public for others to read and enjoy or maybe add their response then  it was time for some serious changes.   How do I do that? Simple I had to tone down my alter ego. I changed the tone of this blog from a personal blog to an open free for all that’s now focused on multiple genres because I didn’t want to limit myself. Yes, I get into Entertainment by going into all aspects and my view on the news and local things happening because Miami is very active! Just messed up that we don’t have an urban voice out there on the net! Well it’s time for all that to  change!

    If you follow me on twitter then you know I represent the University that invented swag I see many of you wearing the caps much love for and yes  it’s all about the U! If you’re not from Miami then you should know when I say the U I’m only speaking of the prestigious University Of Miami so don’t sleep on the Hurricanes. Now, though I give you guys some laughs from time to time I am intellectual so don’t be afraid to test my knowledge on diverse subjects, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. So sit back relax and enjoy your visit for all that choose a lurker status . For all those that are liking I appreciate it! I will continue to bring you the content to turn a lot of those touring my site into subscribers. Trust me you won’t regret it! Thanks for taking the time out to visit and here’s to another year of amazing adventure!

If you want to contact me about interview or just want to drop your girl a line for suggestions and comments you can feel free to send me an e-mail



One thought on “Selfie? Who Is She?

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